Pearson Nissan approached Moy Media with the task of changing stereotypes and influencing the opinions of a uniquely challenging audience to reach.

Pearson Nissan approached Moy Media with the unique task of wanting to break through the stereotype that car dealerships and car salesmen tend to have in our society. Their goal was to take their local car dealership and make it so much more than that- Pearson Nissan wanted to be able to firmly establish a relationship with their community as a dealership that focuses on hiring friendly salesmen that aren’t pushy, but instead are educated about their dealership and cars. Moy Media’s approach to marketing with Pearson Nissan kept this primary goal in mind, emphasizing how Pearson Nissan strives to provide the best customer service to their clients. The resulting marketing campaign highlighted the differences between how other car salesmen could be and what Pearson Nissan isn’t- highlighting the true difference you experience when you choose Pearson Nissan. Moy Media designed the delivery of this message to reach maximum impact, resulting in the videos receiving over 100,000 views.

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