Small Businesses Can Win With Messenger Broadcasts.

Facebook has small businesses in mind with its new service, a self-service sponsored messaging tool for Messenger called Messenger Broadcasts.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps, with 1.2 Billion users it’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to how people communicate.

Messenger Broadcasts allows companies to blast a message to anyone who’s already started a conversation with them. By allowing companies to only reach out to users who have contacted them, and by putting a cap on how many broadcasts a company can do, Facebook is hoping this will deter spam.

Currently, the tool is free to use, but Facebook said that it’s for a limited time only, and eventually Messenger Broadcasts will become a paid product that charges businesses.

In 2017, 330 Million people started conversations with small businesses on Messenger. With the right approach to your social media presence business owners can have more reaching power for their company.

There are risks business owners should keep in mind though. If you don’t have an engaging social media presence users are less likely to reach out to you first, which is the key to making Messenger Broadcast successful. Another is if you make low-quality promos users could find it interruptive.

With that in mind, here are some tips to have not only a successful online presence but also a strong Messenger Broadcasts game.

Engage online

Messenger Broadcasts only works if users reached out to you first, and the best way to have users reach out is to create engaging content.

Engaging content is anything that provides value to the lives of your prospect, customers, or community. It’s a pathway that connects with readers to build trust, credibility, and offers solutions to problems.

Facebook really loves video when it comes to a medium of engaging content, but it’s also good to use various types of content like photos, text with emojis, articles that ask questions to spark conversation.

Whatever the medium of the content might be, it’s the message that’s most important. Always make sure it’s relevant, has a clear purpose, and gives value.

Let your users know you’re on messenger 𑁋and actually be there.

It’s one thing to post engaging content, but also follow it up with saying one of the best ways to reach you is through Facebook Messenger. Just make sure you’re actually there when they do reach out.

You don’t have to live on Facebook but make your social media a priority. Take some time out every day to check your account, answer messages, and respond to comments.

Your voice is essential to making a successful social media presence for your business. By following up with users, and responding to messages within 24 hours you are proving your company is something users should have loyalty and trust in.

Simple Messenger Broadcast will be the real winner

You’re engaging with your profile, you have users messaging you, everything is great! Now how do you get the most out of Messenger Broadcast?

When Facebook created the Messenger Broadcast they had people who weren’t tech know-it-alls in mind. They had more of a vision for this helping a family-owned company as opposed to a company like Nike. Which is great news, because the layout is super easy to work with.

When it comes to creating your blast, you should make it simple. Write up a title, keep the body text short, add an image that will capture viewers, and select a call to action. The call to action is typically a button people can click on to visit your website or to link to the promo page you are referencing.

If there is too much text users will automatically see it as spam and ignore it. Simple is key. But make sure your simple text is also compelling and explains your message easily. Keep the 140 character principle in mind when you write the body.

Messenger Broadcast really leverages your company’s connection with your customers. And by receiving a message from your business rather than a company like Coke, Nike, or other bigwigs, it could feel more at home within messenger.

This is really a great opportunity for your company to create a more personal and compelling social presence and also reach more customers.

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