Snapchat Looking To Help Brick-And-Mortar Companies

Snapchat is investing in more diverse advertising strategies to help brick-and-mortar companies advertise through their platform.

It seems in 2018 brick-and-mortars have been Snapchat’s main focus, as they come up with new ways to help businesses use their platform more successfully.

Business owners can now create target ads in Snapchat that are based on a radius around a specific geographic point or a location type.

There are three new approaches Snapchat is taking to help your company succeed on their social platform, which can now be used both mobile and on desktops. We’re here to break them down and show you how you can use them towards your businesses marketing strategies.

Location Type

For location type, you can target a certain location like a movie theater, university, and park.

Let’s say your company has a lot of college kids as customers, or you have a new product that will benefit college kids. You can use the location type filter and only target universities, and universities of your choice to have your product advertised.

Snapchat stated they have more than 150 location categories to choose from in the U.S.

According to Snapchat, their location-type ad filter is unique. It is offering an ad-targeting option that would be difficult to achieve on any other major ad platform.

Radius Targeting

Similar to location type, radius targeting lets advertisers target audiences based on a specific geographic point.

Through radius targeting, you can both add or exclude a geographic area based on a radius around an address, city, or point of interest across the globe.

Radius targeting is great for trying to get your business noticed by local customers, or if there’s an area you’ve always wanted to market towards.

Foot Traffic Insights

This is where Snapchat really tries to get into the hearts of brick-and-mortar. This tool is to track the in-store traffic of Snapchat users visiting a specific location and provide information about their age, gender and interest.

By having this information you will be able to better understand the type of clients that are coming into your actual store, without invading their privacy.

The foot traffic insights will also go hand-in-hand with radius targeting and location type so you know the type of person you should be target marketing.

This will become available to all advertisers soon through the Ads Manager Platform. As of right now, it’s still in Beta.

Snapchat stated that the insights tool is free and independent of advertising spending.

By rolling out these three location-based advertising strategies, Snapchat is proving how serious they are about investing heavily in location-based technology. Snapchat also recently acquired Placed, which is a location analytics firm.

These filters are the first of many location-centric features to come this year on Snapchat. So be on the watch out on what’s next.

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