What Your Business Can Learn From Twitch

If I was to go up to most business owners and ask them “Hey, do you know what Twitch is?” Most will probably just look at me confused, and the small percentage that answer would say something about Drake playing some game on it.

But Twitch and online platforms similar to it, like YouTube, should be on everyone’s radar and not just when a celebrity jumps on it and plays four rounds of Fortnite.

This is because Twitch is the future, and it also has a big lesson all business owners and creators need to take note of.

That lesson is about internet content and community.

The internet isn’t just a platform anymore. Instead, it’s where we work, play, and socialize. The virtual world that was created decades ago has changed the way we think and the way we act. It’s part of cultural makeup.

In this cultural makeup, communities have developed and are built around every conceivable subject, around every beloved passion or interest. It’s in these communities that we define what is successful and what content is relevant.

This also defines what internet content is. Successful internet content is what’s being created for a community to enjoy and interact with.

This is key for business owners when thinking of their brand online and how they can improve not just their marketing strategies, but their own identity.

YouTube personalities

YouTube will always have a spot in the hall of fame when it comes to social media platforms. And while a lot of content creators are switching from YouTube to Twitch, the concept of YouTube can still be seen on other platforms.

YouTube was built on the concept that your content didn’t have to feel isolated. Content creators go out of their way to foster bonds with their fans and make every video feel like it’s being sent from one friend to another.

That is why all of the top YouTube personalities like Logan Paul, PewDiePie, Philip DeFranco, and Shane Dawson run daily vlogs.

They also start their videos with an immediate addressing of the person watching the video. This simple touch makes the videos seem more personal.

Being personal is what makes these platforms, and the people who make a living off them stand apart from everything else on the internet.

You really get to experience their life with them and root them on during the many journies they face. This builds a loyal fanbase that sticks with the brands and content creators regardless of what struggles they might face.

Why a video game platform is taking over

Twitch, the largest video game streaming site, is full of well-known personalities that spend their time building and fostering online communities.

And while the principals of community and personality are the same, Twitch is vastly different from YouTube.

Twitch is based on live streaming, which has been Twitch’s focus from the start and will continue to be their primary focus. This is because live streaming has played the biggest hand in Twitch’s success, and has the most community growth.

Twitch personalities will spend hours sitting in front of their computer and live streaming games they are playing, all while answering questions and communicating with their fans.

This type of live feed has been replicated by many social media platforms, but Twitch stays as relevant as ever, especially with the wild success of Esports.

That’s not to say you can only find video games on Twitch. A lot of people and brands have used twitch to promote their own interest and services that don’t relate to video games. It works because as long as you have a community you can speak to and grow, you’ll almost always find success on Twitch.

Even though being a Twitch streaming isn’t always easy, the core understanding of communicating with your fans and taking efforts to be more personable and build a community will truly make waves in growing a brand.

YouTube and Twitch audiences return daily to watch videos and engage with fellow members of that community. This type of community can only be built on the internet where a reaction is immediate and engagement is possible.

Community is the biggest ingredient in creating successful internet content, and it’s what sets brands apart from those that don’t make an effort to foster relationships and engagement with their clients and customers.

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