Is Google’s Algorithm Ruining Your Business Strategies?

Some business owners have seen their business strategies crumb as a result of Google’s frequent changes to their algorithm. And for the past 15 years, Google has made constant changes to their algorithm in hopes to help businesses improve their website and marketing strategies. Business owners who have found themselves at the tail-end of change have found a significant decrease … Read More

A Business Rulebook For Negative Feedback

Social media has created diverse platforms for business owners and clients to coexist on. And while this has many perks, sometimes negative feedback about your company can find their way on each platform. For business owners, it’s important to understand responsiveness is the name of the game for customer service, and this includes on social media. How you respond to … Read More

Email Is Dead! Or Is It?

Email is dead! That’s what some people might say when you ask if email marketing campaigns are good for business. And while some industries like e-commerce are very dependant on email, that’s not to say that other industries shouldn’t be. Email continues to be the best way to reach customers in a secure and trusted way. In addition to that, … Read More

How To Boost Local Business With E-Commerce

How consumers shop these days has made e-commerce more relevant than ever for local business owners. And while many consumers still prefer to visit brick and mortar stores, e-commerce helps drive customers to local businesses. Consumers these days like when their shopping experience bleeds over by starting their search in one place and then continue it seamlessly to another. This … Read More

Small Businesses Can Win With Messenger Broadcasts.

Facebook has small businesses in mind with its new service, a self-service sponsored messaging tool for Messenger called Messenger Broadcasts. Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps, with 1.2 Billion users it’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to how people communicate. Messenger Broadcasts allows companies to blast a message to anyone who’s already … Read More